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Welcome to the Members Page. You'll see some really nice cars here and some proud owners.

Charlie and Pat Bunnell purchased their 1952 MG TD in 2005 and spent 3 years restoring it. In 2012 they purchased a basket-case '76 Spitfire which is now eating up their time and life savings. They are members of the PBCC of Tennessee, the Knoxville English Auto Society and the New England MG T Registry. See more at their MGTD website.
In memory of Bob Thomas, one of the founding members. Bob and Jean Thomas were always up for a show or drive. They were members of the PBCC of Tennessee and the Knoxville English Auto Society.
In memory of Dick LeClair, one of the founding "Old Cranks" as we referred to ourselves. He and his wife June owned this TR3 for years and were nearing completion of a total nut and bolt restoration.
Barry Triplett, though a native of Knoxville, resides in Indiana. He currently owns a 1962 MGB, 1968 MGBGT and a 1954 Austin A30. Left, is his 1968 MGBGT in it's new home.
Denny & Mary Burmeister on the left won't stand still together for me to get one photo of the both of them. But they both are, rightfully, proud of their beautiful 1960 Austin Healey 3000.
Dick & Mary Shilling's 1976 TR-6.
Gary & Charlotte Springer acquired their 1979 MGB in 2009.
In memory of Rick Peterson, our club eccentric. Rick provided far more support to the club than most members knew.
Wayne Baker and his wife's 1959 MG A which she bought new. It's been in the family ever since and was their only car at one time.
Ray & Mari Leedy are still restoring this 1970 Jaguar XKE Roadster, though from this photo it doesn't appear to need a lot of work. And it purrs like the cat that it is.
Rich and Lorine Holman are rightfully proud of their little beauty, a 1957 Healey 100-6.
Greg and Lori Christensen are commuter members. By the time they arrive here for an event they've been on the road an hour. But they don't mind the drive in their georgous 1967 Sunbeam Tiger, named Tiger Lilly. Lori named it for a character in Peter Pan because hubby Greg is a lost boy who hasn't grown up.
Rick and Doris Cashbaugh's pretty little 1977 Mini 1000 always attracts attention. Best comment heard so far: "It ain't made around here, is it?"
Abe & Rhonda DeGraaf became proud owners of this 1980 MG B and new members of the club in May 2011. This little car is now sporting a V-8 badge.
Gary and Sherron Luhn from Cookeville joined usin July 2011.  They first showed their beautiful 1974 Triumph TR-6 at the Rugby Antique Car Show. They are the original owners of this beauty that had a frame-off restoration completed in 2004.
In Memory of Dennis Irving who was an avid participant in all events. He bought his car, a 1973 MG B in September 2011 as it looked just like the 1974 model he bought new while stationed with the Air Force in England. We lost Dennis in February 2014.
In memory of Eric Wilson who fulfilled his lifetime wish for an MG TD in 2012. We lost Eric in April 2013.


Eric Ritzman joined us in March or early April of 2013. Then he had a 1978 MG B and a friend named Jill. Now he still has the 1978 MGB and a wife named Jill n the photo on the left. On the right is their MG.
Bob and Terry King joined us officially in June 2013, but stayed in close contact starting in early 2013. Their 1979 Midget is an exceptionally clean little girl. And their 1977 TR-7 will soon be at our events..
Steve Morris in Sweetwater is the origianl owner of this 1971 MG B.  And judging by its appearance it's had as much care and loving as a first born child.
Jann and Pat Nielsen moved to Fairfield Glade from MI in 2013 and joined the club as soon as they found out about it. They have a 1952 MG TD which has not been unpacked from the move just yet.  
Bob & Diane Myers in Sparta finished their1974 Mirage color MG B some time ago. So time to start over again. They are now finishing up their 1957 Tyrolite Green MG A.
Boyd and Barbara Mitchell are pleased with the results of their 30 year restoration of this beautiful 'B." It took 2nd in its first show in August 2013.
Allan Pressley & Paulette Reed of Unicoi currently have a 1974 Triumph Spitfire. In the past he has owned several TRs: two TR3s, a beat up Tr4 and a couple of Spitfires.  

Gary & Judy Heck of Kingston, GA have 5 British Cars. Besides the '68 B and the '37 Lancaster show here, they have a 1951 Riley RMD, a 1954 MG TF and a 1960 Morgan. You can usually see 3 of them at any East TN Brit Car Show.

John and Barbara Rigby are the 2nd pair of true Brits in the PBCC so far. They live in Knoxville with a plethora of automobiles. They love Rovers, Reliants, Jaguars and, would you believe, Citroens.
Reserved for photo of MGB GT
Mikki Kavich's interest in LBCs started early. Instead of Pink Floyd or Ann Murray posters, her teen years' room had a Triumph Spitfire poster. She's also active with Friday at the Crossroads in Crossville.
Bennie says: From a young age, I loved the XK-E Jaguars.  But the XK8 has a great shape too.

Barbara just likes to ride in it.

Jim LaMariana has an Aston Martin " DB AR1 Zagato. " It is a 2003 model year and is car 59 of 99. It is a limited production model.
Mike and Robin Faircloth joined our group the end of July 2016, originally with a 1957 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. But they are now the proud owners of a 1997 Jaguar XK8 convertible. .  
Paul & Sally Clore enjoy driving their 1974 TR-6 and joined us on a drive as soon as they heard about the club.  
Buzz and Sherri Merchlewitz moved from Somerville, TN in July 2016. Buzz drives one of his bugeye sprites in vintage sports car races and so is a member of a couple vintage racing organizations. He says that there are definitely a lot of good sports car roads out here!
Ted & Irene Clough have been members since the club was formed in 2008. But we never did have a photo of their beautiful Jag. Now it's too late as it's been sold. And here is their new (future) ride, a beautiful 1959 MG A, just received in March 2017.  
Ed & Kathryn Faille joined our group when attending the 2017 April Fools British Car Bash. They have this good looking 1971 Lotus Elan Plus 2. They also have a long drive just to join up with us; about 1.5 hours.
Garrett is the happy owner of this 1965 MG Midget. Originally purchased by Gregg and Lori, but passed on to son Garrett upon college graduation. And he showed up with it at the first event after receiving it: 2018 April Fools' Brit Car Bash.

Curtis Blakely has a 1972 Triumph TR-6, a previous New Jersey Show Car that was stored for over a decade and it is his rolling project. It’s a true survivor. Curtis lives in Oneida and so will be close to the Rugby Event, but will have a bit of a drive for other events. A pretty car.

As of  7 April 2018