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September 2009

The Drive to Dunlap

Gary and Charlotte Springer planned this event and test drove it at least twice. But they hadn't planned on their MGB blowing a freeze plug just before the event. So they had to resort to a faux MG to lead the drive. You can see Gary's distress and humiliation at the situation. In case you can't read the license plate, it says "V8 MGB."

On the left, John and Barbara Rigby from the Knoxville English Auto Society with the Mini they love to hate. In the center, new members Rich and Lorine Holman with their 1957 Healey 100-6. On the right, Mari and Ray Leedy drove their 1970 Jag XKE.

Ready to go!

Gary led us down old Rt. 28 and it was a spectacular drive - full of twists and turns including a couple of hairpins. Not to worry there was a huge pile of logs to stop your car if you didn't make the curve. The Rigby's, who are from England, commented that some stretches of the drive reminded them of home.

Finally down into the Sequatchie Valley and a short stop to count cars -- yep, they're all here. And then a pit stop at Pikeville McDonalds. And a chance to talk cars, drives and the sheer enjoyment of driving an old Brit car on a beautiful day like today.

    The Holmans, the Thomas'        The Burmeisters, Pat Bunnell       The Springers and the Leedys.
       & Rick Peterson.                      & the Rigbys.

Our drive took us to the Coke Ovens park and Museum in Dunlap, operated by The Sequatchie Valley Historical Association. This is a 62 acre park located in the heart of Sequatchie Country. You can see the remains of 268 beehive coke ovens used in the early 1900's to convert mountain coal into industrial coke. It's all free and worth the trip. Visit their web site at http://www.cokeovens.com/index.htm. The museum offers a real education about coal mining and the coke ovens. Well worth the drive.

It was an enjoyable ride back to Gary and Charlotte's ranch for a bar-b-que. And once more an opportunity to swap lies stories about our automobiles. Thanks Gary and Charlotte for a great drive and your generouos hospitality.

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