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October 2010

Allardt Pumpkin Fest & Car Show

Allardt, TN is the site of the annual giant pumpkin (and watermelon) contest. October 2nd was the date for the event this year. Normal population of the town is about 700; it must swell to 3 or 4 times that much for this event. And this year we launched a British Invasion of the Car Show. With members of 3 other clubs, we were able to pull together 15 LBCs and 1 motorcycle (their MG Midget is ill). What a neat sight that was to see and as we pulled into the display area we were immediately swarmed by on-lookers. We loved it! Many thanks to Alan Rigby for some of the photos. And to see his 287 photos, got to his flicker page. The final count for the show was 283 cars and motorcycles. Brit car participants were :

Rodney Miller 1976 TR-6 Blount British Cars
Larry & Jan Vooght 1978 Austin Mini Blount British Cars
George & Nonie Mason 1964 Spitfire Blount British Cars
Terry Wilson 2005 Mini Cooper Smoky Mtns Minis Club
Larry & Shannon Bobik 1978 MG B Knoxville EAS
Mike McMillan 2004 lotus 7 Knoxville EAS & Smoky Mtns Minis
Sheilah McMillan 2008 Mini Cooper Knoxville EAS & Smoky Mtns Minis
Alan & Rachel Rigby 1966 Morris Mini Traveler Knoxville EAS
Don & Ginger Zerrip 1988 Lotus Esprit Knoxville EAS
Charlie & Pat Bunnell 1952 MG TD

Plateau Brit Car Club & Knoxville EAS

Bob & jean Thomas 1977 MG B

Plateau Brit Car Club & Knoxville EAS

Rich & Lorine Holman 1957 Healy 100-6 Plateau Brit Car Club
Greg & Lori Christensen 1967 Sunbeam Tiger Plateau Brit Car Club
Denny & mary Jo Burmeister 1960 A-H 3000 Plateau Brit Car Club
Roger & Mary Listenberger 1976 TR-6 Plateau Brit Car Club
Ted & Angela Welch Motorcycle Plateau Brit Car Club

About a dozen of us met at Webb Ave. Storage area, then moved on to pick up others.

At Shoney's and the nearby gas station we picked up the rest of our drivers and cars

Also, the folks from Knox & Blount needed a "relief stop."

The first motorcycle to join us in a drive.

I saw one that weighed 267 lbs.

The winner at 1336 lbs.

The "Losers"
Several folks waited around to see how this big fellow got into that little bitty truck. It was much like getting into one of our LBCs. First you fold your legs in half ...
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Chattanooga Choo-Choo

October 22nd thru the 24th was the 19th annual British Car show at the Choo Choo, sponsored and run by the Southern British Car Club (SBCC) of Chattanooga. Friday afternoon, Charlie and Pat Bunnell, Denny and Mary Jo Burmeister and Wayne Baker drove their LBCs down to the show and spent the weekend. Wayne did have to leave Staurday afternoon, but we think it's because the dessert table was empty.

Talk about organized - Wow! SBCC had arrangements with the Choo Choo hotel (the old train station) for all of us to be lodged in the same hotel building out of the three they have there. And it was right next to the Grand Central Station building where the meals and meetings would take place. Our cars were right outside those buildings in an area being patrolled by guards. It is a pet friendly hotel and has an enclosed, lit doggie walk/play area.

Friday night was a free meal in Grand Central Station with the Mid South Concert Band providing music while we ate. Wayne kept circling the desert table. Later in the evening was the valve cover racing. Unfortunately there were only 4 racers present.

Saturday morning was free breakfast (donuts and fruit, but Wayne noticed that the desert table still had some full dishes), wash your car time, and registration. Then from 10:30 to 1:00 was car display and judging. All participants voted. Lunch was available in the Station and Wayne finished off the desert table. At 1:30 there was a 2 hour drive through the mountains around Chattanooga - we passed on that as we did that on the way in and were going to do it on the way out. After that was awards and in the evening we had dinner on the river boat Southern Belle.

There were a total of 96 or 110 cars-I heard both numbers. There were 4 in Charlie & Pat's class (MG TD 1952 & 1953), 2 in Denny and Mary Jo's class (A-H 3000, w/side curtains), and 2 in Wayne's class (MG A). There were lots of MG Bs and more than a couple of Triumphs.

Charlie and Pat's MG TD took first place in Class.

Packed and ready to roll!

Annie Bunnell in her "bed" in the MG.

The view to the rear. There's

two cars there: an A-H3000 & and an MG A

View from our balconey. Parking lot is to the right

Friday evening's meal.

The Band played on.

The theme this year was "Under the Big Top" so here's our lion.

Our table.

The raceers can't weigh more than 30 lbs. No limit on length it would appear.

Valve Cover Racers

Class H, MG A: Wayne's and the other guy on the left.

Class P, A-H w/side curtains: Denny's A-H and the other guy on the right.
2 TFs (Class K) and 3 TDs (Class J-2: 1952 & 53). A 4th TD showed up later.

3 TDs (Class J-1, 1950 & 51) a 4th showed up later

Class I: MG TCs

Class V, Classic Minis:
1966 Austin Mini Moke

Class G, Sptifires

Class R, Open: 1956 MG Magnette, under construction

Sunday Morning Coming Home