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November 2008

Chattanooga Field Trip
The Southern British Car Club of Chattanooga sponsored a 3 day "Mad Hatter" weekend for Brit cars and their keepers. While our club did not enter any cars, some of us did journey down to chattanooga on Saturday, Nov. 1st, to look over the many fine cars that were there. I'd say that there was probably at least 150 LBC's plus a motorcycle.

Above: As soon as Charlie & Pat arrived and saw the "T's" they wished that they'd brought theirs. Not that these weren't nice, but theirs would have shown well.

Below: The Travelers: Gary & Charlotte Springer, Bob & Jean Thomas, Mary Jo & Denny Burmeister, Pat & Charlie Bunnell

      On the left, a few TRs to whet Dick LeClair's appetite.
The Minis were well represented both in quantity and quality.

Yep, it's a Tickford