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May 2010

Springtime in the Smokies

This was the 23rd year of the British Car Gathering arranged and run by the Blount County British Car Club in Maryville, TN. Each year, the Gathering draws cars from all states surrounding and including Tennessee and as far north as Michigan, as far south as Florida and many other places in between. Last year we got soaked and so did our car. So this year, with rain in the forcast Bob and Jean Thomas and Charlie and Pat Bunnell drove there in a red Durango. Needless to say we parked away from the real cars.

Here's this year's not very good, spliced together, panoramic shot. Pat & Jean are right in the center.

This year's crop of MG-Ts. I think there were about 10 of them A big increase from last year.

The little Healeys. Someone told me that if you wash a Healey 3000 it shirnks and you're left with one of these on the left.

Ooohhhhh - I want that hammock. A collapsable hammock with a roof over it. Who says American Ingenuity is dead!!??? I wonder if it would fit in the MG.


Crossville Cruise-In

Our club showed up in two groups and were separated But we had six cars there, looking good! From the photos it appears that little grills park on the left and big tooth grills park on the right. Left to right: Bob and Jean Thomas' '77 MGB, Larry Wyatt's '74 MGB, Gary and Charlotte Springer's '79 MGB, Wayne Baker's '59 MGA, Rich and Lorine Holman's '57 Healey 100-6, and Denny & Mary Jo Burmeister's '60 Austin Healey 3000.


My personal favorite was the M&M car. What great imagination. What great ingenuity. Where in the world did he find all that stuff?


 Okay, this may really be my favorite. It's a motorized ice chest. It has a small electric motor, battery, charger and still room enought for at least a six pack - maybe 2. I was unable to convince the owner he should donate it to the Plateau British Car Club.


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Granville Car Show


This event is one we definitely need to attend as a club next year. There had to have been close to 450 cars there of all sorts. "Doc Hall" from Cookeville brought 8 or 10 cars but ran out of drivers so he couldn't bring as many as he wanted to. Some of his are the Brit cars you'll see below. Granville is a really small town now, on the banks of Hull Lake and Martin Creek. It is a neat little town. But once a year, it is full of cars, tractors and trucks. The following photos offer a glimpse into the various goings-on.









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