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2014 thru now

All of our activites photos are available at https://picasaweb.google.com/111330675272272742638. Go there and click on the event you want to see.  



2nd-The annual British Car Show at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo sponsored by the Southern British Car Club of Chattanooga. It's a three day event starting November 1st.



26th-The last cruise-in for the season and the Plateau Brit Car Club turned out for it, with a total of 10 cars on display. Pretty good considering that the temps never got above 55 degrees.
7th-The Great Pumpkin was here again this year - and so were about 350 cars and bikes. What a great show.



24th-Rugby British Car and Motorbike Show. What a great weekend for a car show. This was the third year for the event and we had 38 cars turn out.



29th-Each year the Knoxville English Auto Society has a European and British Car Show. This year it was held at Concord Park on Northshore Drive in Lenoir City, TN
22nd-The first British Car Cruise-In held in conjunction with the Cookeville Wine on the West Side (WOWS) event. The cruise-in was planned and arranged by Gary and Sherron Luhn, members of the Plateau British Car Club. 21 cars turned out, a goodly number for a 1st time event.



The 26th Springtime in the Rockies was held May 11th and had an estimated 100 little British Cars there. Take a look at the cars.



The second annual Cumberland Rallye And Plateau Pursut Yearly (CRAPPY) event was held April 28th. It was a fun drive held in the rain.



The first event of the year for East Tennessee Brit Car Clubs is the April Fools British Car Bash. Sponsorship of the event rotates among the clubs. This year, the 8th year, it was hosted by Morristown and Kingsport British Car Clubs and held just outside of Maryville. Enjoy the photos.
Oct 2012
Brits at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee held on October 13th.  Four of our club members were there. Take a look see.


Sep. 1st was the 2nd annual Rugby Brit Car Show. We had about 29 cars in attendance - not bad in view of the forecasted rain storms.
A week later it was time for the Brits at the Shoals car show at Joe Wheeler State Park, Rogersville, AL with 42 cars present.
In August we were invited to join the Blount British Car Club for a fun rally. And one couple did.


Three events in July to keep us busy. 

First was the Rugby, TN antique auto show held July 7th.

Next was the Crossville Cruise-In, held on the 4th Saturday of  the month.

That was followed the next day by a Custard Cabin Cruise-in.

All three events this month were open to all cars, not just our little British ones.


Jun 2012
A European and British Car show was held at Maryville College, Maryville,TN on June 2nd, 2012. It was sponsored by the Knoxville English Auto Society. And we were there.
May 2012
Welcome to Townsend, Tennessee in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and the site of the 2012 Blount British Car Club 25th annual Springtime in the Smokies.



Our first fun rallye brought in 9 cars plus a couple of more to kibbitz.  Participants were given instructions with no street names but several waypoints, and items to be counted. They didn't know where they were going or where they'd end up.  Hmm, sounds like life doesn't it?


The first ever event hosted by our club was also the opening event for the Brit Car Show season in East Tennessee. This is the seventh year for this event which rotates to a different club each year. It's less a show and more a picnic. Attendance set a new record with 49 LBCs & more than 100 people.

Sep 2011
September 3rd, Labor Day Weekend, was the date of the 1st Rugby, TN British Car & Motorcycle show. The location was perfect and so was the weather.  And the PBCC was there.
Aug 2011
Dayton, Ohio had its annual British Car Day and our club was represented there.  Okay, there was only one car and the owners have daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in the area, but still the club was there.
The first ever car show in Rugby, TN and our little cars played a big role.  20% of the vehicles displayed came from our Plateau British Car Club of Tennessee.
Surprise, surprise - the previously announced death of the Crossville Cruise-In was overstated and we had another one in June.

The good old Crossville Cruise-In. We never seem to tire of it; it's convenient, free, and we get to talk cars, cars,cars. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Springtime in the Smokies, number 24. Rain again!

Our long distance member, Barry Triplett, went to the island of Jersy in the Channel Islands off England and joined the local MG Club there.  Take a peek.
The club held it's first drive of the year on April 10th.   Eighty miles of pure driving pleasure. It was followed with our annual meeting.
The 6th annual April Fools Bash for Brit cars took place April 2nd in Louisville.  Our little car club was represented.
Oct 2010
Half ton pumpkins, 283 cars and motorcyles, and the first year for Brit cars in attendance. Four clubs took part in this British Invasion.
Brits Under the Big Top-The Southern British Car Club's annual Car Show at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Three cars from PBCC were there. Want to know more about the Choo Choo? Go to http://www.choochoo.com/
Sept 2010
Another Crossville Cruise-In to show off our toys.
The Shoals British Car Club of Florence, Alabama held their 14th annual Brit Car Show at Joe Wheeler State Park near Rogersville, AL. It was so much fun that Bunnells have already made hotel reservations for next years show.
July 2010
For this Crossville Cruise-In, we joined with two other Brit Car Clubs to make a decent showing in the midst of all that Detroit iron. And we didn't do badly considering the drive some of the owners had.
The Knoxville European Auto Show was a little late this year, not to mention a little wet. But we were there.
June 2010
Crossville Cruise-In was once more our venue for showing off our toys.
May 2010
Blount County British Car Club hosted the 23rd annual Springtime in the Smokies. Our club didn't have any cars there, but we were there to ohhh and aaahhhh and take photos.
The Cruiseville Cruise-In is a fun event and we always meet the most interesting people. Join us at these for some fun discussions about Brit cars and Detroit Iron.
May can be a busy month. Pat and Charlie went to Granville for an all makes car show. Rain was forecast so we left our MG at home. Turned out to be a good decision. It poured all the way home.
April 2010
This year's British Car Fools Bash was sponsored by the Southern British Car Club of Chattanooga and PBCCTN members were there.
Jan 2010
Cooperation between four clubs allowed us to get a group large enough to tour the basement of the Lane Motor Museum's impressive collection of oddball cars.

Sep 2009

Gary and Charlotte Springer led a drive to Dunlap, TN and hosted a post-drive B-B-Q.
May 2009
The Blount County British Car Club hosted the 22nd annual Springtime in the Smokies, the first one that got rained on, and I do mean rain. We were sloshing around in 2 to 3 inches of water.
Apr 2009
On the weekend closest to April Fools Day, the Brit Car Clubs of East TN have a British Car Fools Bash. There were 34 cars there and about 8 car clubs were represented.
The first of the year's Crossville Cruise-ins was held and it was a beautiful, sunny day.
Dec 2008
McMinnville had a Celtic Christmas celebration and what would be more appropriate there than a Brit Car Show. The PBCCTN was there. This was the first year, and we're hoping for another show this year and a bigger turn-out.
Nov 2008
We went to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo for the SBCC sponsored Mad Hatter weekend - but as viewers, not participants.
Oct 2008
We had our fall foliage drive - and the weather definitely felt like fall!
Sept 2008
Kirk Chevrolet held a cruise-in and contest. PBCCTN was represented.

Busy, busy month. Bill & Carol Boyd put together an educational visit, a drive, and a B-B-Q at their house - all on the same day!

Aug 2008
Our first road trip.

Our second cruise-in - even more fun than the first. We've heard that as many as 350 vehicles showed up.

Jul 2008
Our first event was a cruise-in. The Crossville Cruisers, a club primarily for the big American classics and street rods, invited us to join with them for the second Crossville cruise-in ever held. They were overjoyed to have 150+ vehicles show up.
Jun 2008

Our first meeting was an organizational meeting to gauge the amount of
interest in the community.