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December 2008

McMinnville Celtic Christmas
As part of the downtown McMinnville celebration of the Scottish Ancestry of many town residents, they held a Celtic Christmas Celebration and invited Brit Car Owners to display their machines. PBCCTN members Bob & Jeanne Thomas brought their 1977 MG B and Charlie & Pat Bunnell brought their 1952 MGTD. Both are also members of the Knoxville English Auto Society, and they were joined by EAS members Ross Marshall with his 2008 (Toyota driven) TD and John & Barbara Rigby with their 1963 Jaguar Mk 2.
Our Host

Mick Ofield, cleverly disquised as a Celt.

The Car Show Command Post.
And the trailer that Mick and his wife Peggy let everyone use to warm up.

Town Square where all the action was.

Left: Charlie cheated! But the side curtains aren't done yet, so at 32 degrees and 50 MPH, the wind chill factor would have been unbearable. But he did park a mile from the display area and drive the MG to it.

Right: Our mascot(s) Pat and Annie.

The Competition!

Tom Kominos' 1980 TR-8

Ross Marshall's (Toyota) TD

Bob & Jean Thomas' 1977 MGB

John & Barb Rigby's Jag

Charlie & Pat Bunnell's 1952 MG TD

Harold Frazier's Triumph Spitfire

Dick & Linda Wilson's 1976 XJ6

The first Arrivals

The first arrivals from a different angle.

And the Winners are ---

Best Paint

Tom Komino's TR-8


Best Interior

Barb & John Rigby's 1963 Jaguar

Best of Show & Best Under the Bonnet

Charlie & Pat Bunnell's 1952 MG TD